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Take charge of the power of your reach and bring added value to your membership by allowing companies to offer discounts exclusive to your association.

How It Works

  1. We set up the Member Deals Module, customizing it with the controls that you select.
  2. An administrator adds a company or organization that wants to provide deals to your membership.
  3. You then send the contact for that company a login.
  4. The contact logs in, adds information about the company he/she represents and starts to post deals. It is possible to create time-limited offers, attach a promotional PDF or require members to request a coupon.
  5. An advance posting feature lets companies add deals weeks, or even months, in advance, with each deal only showing on the live site when its start date is reached.
  6. If you have chosen to review deals before they go live, your administrator will be notified by email when new deals are posted and then will log on to approve/reject new deals.
  7. Members browse your website and, depending on how you set up your program, will either be able to see all deals grouped into categories (that you specify), see deals for their zone only, or see all deals on one page if you do not have a lot of offers.

Customizations for the Member Deals Module

Publishing Controls: When this module is configured, you choose whether you want to approve deals before they appear on the live site or give approved companies the ability to post deals immediately.

Geo-targetting: Will all deals be available to all members, or will you have different deals in different locations? There are different ways you can present deals depending on the size and distribution of your membership. With the advanced geo-targetting feature, you can create and manage zones using postal codes/zip codes and then draw on the data from your member database to show members deals available in their zones. When a new deal is added, if you have zones there will be an option to have the deal be available in all zones or in one specific zone.

Self-management: By giving companies the ability to log in and control their own deals, you will save on administrative costs and time. However, you can choose to either approve information that is posted or control the input of all data, if you prefer.

E-Commerce Purchases: You can choose to add an e-commerce component that allows companies to purchase and place deals automatically once their online payment is approved. (Appropriate merchant services are required to enable this feature.)

Custom Installation of SaaS: While clients would normally use this module as an add-on to their WebPortal One CMS installation, it can also be used on your existing website. (Minor coding may be needed to run the software through a members-only section not connected to WebPortal One.)

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