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Featured Association Software Solution

Association DNA: Unlock Your Data!

Designed to give you easy access to advanced Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities, this association management software (AMS) enables you to unlock your data through powerful reports coupled with the ability to send customized emails to contacts from any report.

Association DNA takes a unique approach by initiating member interactions in the AMS. The data starts - and ends - in the member database. This unique user-oriented design makes it easy for you to gain detailed knowledge about your members and how they interact with your association.

It also makes core tasks like online membership sign-ups and renewals, event registrations, certification management and hosting online groups much easier, as the power to create these interactions is built into the core of Association DNA. Our approach goes beyond the traditional e-commerce interactions!

In fact, everything from making forms, collecting fees and payments, managing certifiations, preparing reports and sending email communications to members can be done in Association DNA.